Chicago Teachers Reach Tentative Agreement; Strike Enters Day 11

Chicago Teachers Union Says Strike to Enter Day 11 over Make-Up Days Issue


The Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday reached a “tentative agreement,” but teachers will not resume duty Thursday since there were no plans for make-up days to cover the time lost during the strike period.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the days won’t be made up, and as a result, the union said they will continue with the strike Thursday.

The Chicago Teachers Union said Wednesday they would be at City Hall to demand Mayor Lori Lightfoot commit to schedule make-up days.

Speaking on Wednesday, teachers’ union president Jesse Sharkey said the tentative agreement will produce real and lasting benefits to the schools.

According to Sharkey, the deal promises improvements in class size, staffing, and several other features. Sharkey said if the mayor agrees to make up the lost instructional days, teachers will resume work immediately.

The strike has kept more than 360,000 students out of school for 10 days.