Judge Gives Parents of Boy at Heart of Gender Transition Case Joint Authority

Judge in Texas Rules Parents Must Make Joint Decision in Gender Transition Case


A judge in Texas ruled on Thursday that a 7-year-old Texas child will remain under a joint conservatorship of both parents.

Judge Kim Cooks of a Texas Family District Court ruled that James Younger will remain under the joint custody of his divorced parents, Jeffrey Younger and Ann Georgulas.

According to Georgulas, a pediatrician and the child’s mother, James is transgender and prefers to wear dresses and likes to be referred to as “Luna.”

Jeffrey, the child’s father, claimed those tendencies were imposed on the child by Georgulas and did not reflect their son’s behavior.

Georgulas wanted to affirm James’ identity as a girl, but the father has been fighting to keep the boy from undergoing transition.

The ruling by Judge Cooks gave both the father and the mother joint decision-making over medical, dental, and psychiatric care for their kid.

A jury had on Monday ruled that Georgulas should be granted full decision making power for any medical procedures.

Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called on the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to investigate for possible “abuse” against the child.