PG&E Worker Reportedly Targeted in “Deliberate Attack” in California as Shut-Offs Continue

Another PG&E Employee Targeted in “Attempted Attack” in California as Forced Power Outage Continues


Another PG&E employee was on Wednesday targeted in an attempted attack as forced power outages by the utility company continue.

Authorities said the worker’s front passenger seat window was allegedly shot at by a projectile. The worker was, however, not injured in the incident. The projectile was believed to be fired by a pellet gun.

PG&E President and CEO Bill Johnson termed the incident a “deliberate attack” and called on communities to stop such “violence.”

“Let me say this directly: There is no justification for this sort of violence,” Johnson said during a Wednesday evening press conference. “Whenever you see any of our crews anywhere in your community, they’re there to help. They are specifically to help you,” he added.

Johnson said residents should not be upset by workers trying to help them but at PG&E.

The forced outages by the company are an attempt to help prevent wildfires sparked by downed or damaged electrical equipment.

Johnson said the incident will be investigated by law enforcement and PG&E’s own security.

Another PG&E worker was allegedly shot at after the Oct. 9 outages. The worker was traveling in a utility truck when another vehicle pulled up next to the truck and shattered the employee’s passenger side window with a bullet. The employee was not injured.