US-Mexico Border Bridge Re-Opens after Migrant Campout

US-Mexico Bridges Reopen after Migrant Protest


U.S. border officials on Thursday shut down two bridges between the United States and Mexico after hundreds of migrants protested, wanting to request asylum.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a group of about 250-300 migrants, including children and babies, gathered at the midpoint of the Gateway International Bridge, causing a halt in traffic on the bridge. The incident forced authorities to shut down traffic at the bridge and also at B&M International Bridge since the blockage caused long lines to form at other international crossings leading out of Matamoros.

Traffic resumed hours later at the B&M International Bridge and in the evening at the Gateway International Bridge after the migrants left.

The migrants lamented that they were tired of waiting to make their initial claims for asylum at the U.S. border crossing.

A migrant at the scene said it was not their wish to block traffic, but they just wanted officials to talk to them, and blocking traffic was the only way to do it.

The protest caused inconveniences for Matamoros residents who needed to cross for work, shopping, or other reasons.