More than Two Dozen Dead from Vaping Lung Illness, CDC Says

26 Dead from Vaping Lung Illness as Outbreak Spreads


More than two dozen people have died across 21 states from a deadly lung illness linked to vaping. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of fatalities rose from 18 last week to 26, with 219 new cases diagnosed over the previous week. The agency said the total number of probable cases is now 1,299.

According to health officials, they do not know what exactly is making people sick. Of the cases where doctors know what the patients were using, about 76% of them said they vaped THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, while 13% said they exclusively used nicotine.

The illness impacts mostly men and about 80 % of patients are under the age of 35.

The CDC has deployed more than 100 physicians and investigators since the lung disease started to emerge as a public health threat in July.

The CDC is advising consumers to stop vaping, particularly THC, and especially anything bought off the street.