The Guatemalan Constitutional Court has ordered lawmakers to stop an investigation into UN-backed International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).

The anti-corruption body was established twelve years ago and has been assisting state prosecutors in high-profile corruption cases.

Despite receiving support from the public, the commission was suspended on September 3, in connection with their earlier investigation which resulted in the removal of then-sitting president Jimmy Morales in 2015. The commission also went after Morales’ party, relatives and political allies.

On September 24, the country’s legislators initiated an investigation into CICIG’s work and personnel. A special commission composed of five lawmakers was established to oversee the probe.

The commission started its investigation last week but the country’s attorney general, a civil society group and a private lawyer filed a petition seeking to stop the probe.

In response, the Constitutional Court issued a provisional injunction on Monday halting the investigation.