North Korea has confirmed that it conducted a missile test on Wednesday, October 2, near the coastal city of Wonsan.

The submarine-capable missile travelled about 280 miles (250 kms) before it fell into the waters of Sea of Japan also known as the East Sea. Japan has said that the new ballistic missile landed in its territory.

The test occurred hours after North Korea released a statement that it will resume nuclear talks with the US with preliminary reports indicating that the negotiations would take place within the next week.

Wednesday’s missile test was the country’s 11th test this year, but the first of its kind. In the previous tests, only short-range missiles were fired.

The test was significant as it demonstrated that North Korea could fire missiles far away outside its territory. The country’s existing Romeo-class submarines are believed to have a range of over 7000 km.

North Korea’s state news agency KCNA said the missile was designed to “contain external threat and bolster self-defence”.