Chicago Public School Staff Plans to Strike on October 17 if Demands not Fulfilled

Chicago School Staff will Strike if Demands not Met


Chicago Public Schools learners may miss the services of their teachers and support staff if a contract deal between the workers and the district will not be successful by October 17.

In a statement released Wednesday by the Chicago Teachers Union, more than 30, 000 teachers and support staff will go on strike.

The union pointed to large class sizes, low pay for teaching assistants, shortage of counselors, social workers and school nurses.

Some of the union members were quoted in the statement saying, “Our students deserve smaller class sizes. They deserve nurses. They deserve social workers. They deserve bilingual educators.”

At a news conference, union leaders said they want to hold Mayor Lori Lightfoot accountable for promises she made during her campaign.

Jesse Sharkey, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, said the mayor of the city of Chicago ran for office making promises and commitments about basic education supports, about transforming neighborhood schools, and about equity. Sharkey said they expect to put those promises and commitments in writing.

In a joint announcement, the mayor and CPS chief Janice Jackson said: “In the event of a strike, all CPS school buildings will remain open during their normal school hours to ensure students have a safe and welcoming place to spend the day and warm meals to eat.” However, they stressed that they would do anything possible to reach a fair deal to prevent a strike.