Peru’s president, Mr. Martín Vizcarra, has dissolved Congress in a bid to push through his anti-corruption reforms.

President Vizcarra had earlier threatened to disband the Congress if the lawmakers, majority who are in Congress, failed to support his reforms.

The opposition lawmakers protested the move claiming it amounted to a coup d’etat and went ahead to appoint Vice-President Mercedes Aráoz as acting president.

Although President Vizcarra defended the dissolution of Congress terming it constitutional, the opposition, on the other hand, claimed the president’s actions were dictatorial.

Both leaders claim to be the legitimate head of Peru.

Mr. Vizcarra has since called for fresh elections to be conducted next year, January 16.

A government source reported that the appointment of Ms. Aráoz as the temporary head of state was null and void since it was done after the disbandment of Congress.

Meanwhile, heads of the armed forces and the police have released reports pledging their support for Mr. Vizcarra saying they recognize him as the constitutional president and commander-in-chief.