The UK authorities have arrested fifteen people who are suspected of having been smuggling people into the UK, the police said on Friday.

Twelve of those arrested were in Belgium, two in England and another suspect was apprehended in Germany. The arrests come after Monday’s arrest of a 29-year-old Albanian man suspected of being the leader of the gang.

Meanwhile, the authorities raided and hotel in the Belgian city of Ghent and found 37 Albanian nationals who were allegedly waiting to be smuggled across the channel. The migrants are reported to have paid between £13,300; $16,400 to the gang.

The raids and arrest were coordinated by Belgian Federal Police and UK’s National Crime Agency.

The suspects arrested in London were identified as 37-year-old Astrit Ramoshi and 38-year-old Admir Canaj, all residents of Albania.

The suspects who were arrested outside Belgium will be extradited to face charges.