Blockchain-based Ontology is Now on Software Stores of Microsoft and Amazon


Blockchain-based Ontology is Now on Software Stores of Microsoft and Amazon

The Ontology ONT_Dev_Platform has recently been added to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplaces, and is also expected to appear on the Google Play store this January 2019.

The ONT_Dev_Platform is an Ontology blockchain dApp (decentralized app) that is built on a cloud service. On the other hand, Ontology itself is a public platform launched in 2017 by Chinese company Onchain. It was designed to allow businesses of all kinds to use blockchain technology even if they have no prior knowledge of crypto systems and how to implement them.

ONT_Dev_Platform’s entrance into these marketplaces comes just several days after Ontology made it to the fourth spot on the China Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) public blockchain ranking index. The CCID released its rankings on December 20, and indicated that Ontology had a composite index of 112.6.

Opening crypto doors

With the ONT_Dev_Platform now available in the stores of two tech giants, more and more users will be able to create their own blockchain infrastructure with dev tools, which can be used to develop other dApps and crypto projects. The platform includes several useful features that empower its users to explore the different possibilities brought about blockchain technology.

The Ontology Test mode, for instance, is simply a stand-alone test environment for dApp development. Because of this, users are able to test the infrastructure they’ve developed within safe parameters.

The platform also features SmartX, a one-stop integrated development environment that can be used to compile, deploy, and invoke smart contracts. These smart contracts are applications that execute contractual agreements automatically if required conditions are met. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system that can exist between two parties, so the technology works seamlessly through smart contracts, as explained in FXCM’s long list of applications for blockchain technology. Through it, intermediaries or central authorities are no longer necessary when making contractual agreements. And in case users want to draw up smart contracts, SmartX provides templates and online editing functions for them.

Last but not least is the Ontology Block Explorer, which integrates local Ontology blockchain information so that users can access data like block height and transactions conveniently.

A long time coming

Both Microsoft and Amazon are no strangers to blockchain. Several years ago, Coin Desk reported that Microsoft Azure became the first institution to bring blockchain to the cloud. Since then, it has been quietly linking its blockchain services and platforms, including the recently announced Office App for the Windows 10 platform, so that it can mine data from its clients.

Meanwhile, AWS recently announced its partnership with R3, a major blockchain consortium. The deal would allow R3’s Corda platform to become one of the first distributed ledger technology solutions on AWS Marketplaces. In November, the tech giant also unveiled its two new blockchain services at the re:Invent conference: the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and Amazon Managed Blockchain.

Moreover, Google refuses to be left behind, as it plans to integrate blockchain technology to its cloud services as well. Earlier last year, it announced its collaboration with Digital Asset, a startup that develops tools for building blockchain apps. Before this move, Google had already partnered with a similar company called BlockApps. With all these developments for the technology, it comes as no surprise that Ontology will be made available from Google Play very soon.