What does Spiderman: Far from Home mean for MCU Phase 4!


With great power comes great responsibility! So true in the case of Spider-Man: far from home. The new superhero movie had created a lot of expectation in fans since it is the first Avengers movie after the epic ‘End game’ and also it is the final release of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) phase 3. 

There are always some clues given in the MCU movies for the fans about what to expect in the future and people wait till the end for post-credits and interpret them in different ways. With Spiderman: Far from home, people are not just expecting hints for the upcoming Spider-Man movies but also the clues for the beginning of MCU phase 4. While the movie ended, people were still scratching their heads to make sense out of the ending. Some of us have watched it twice just to find out what hidden surprise is there this time. In this article, we will tell you how the new era of MCU is going to set up from this movie. 

Spider-Man: Far from Home was an incredible movie with an amazing ending and stunning visuals which is obviously what we expect from the Marvel Studios. Mysterio got defeated by Spider-Man in the movie but there is speculation that he is not gone yet. That guy specialised in faking the elementals so there are chances that he might have faked his own death as well. 

One of the major hints in the movie was the surprising sign on the barricade shown at the end of the movie. It reads “We can’t wait to show you what’s next” along with three numbered circle with different colours and fourth circle having a question mark which fans aren’t able to decode.

Those three circles could possibly indicate the three phases of MCU and the fourth odd one denotes the upcoming new phase of MCU which is waiting for us which is quite specific and different from the last 3 phases.

It is quite clear that marvel studios are up to big things now. Many Marvel characters are going to debut through the new phase of MCU soon. There are speculations that Fantastic Four is definitely going to enter the franchise since Fox and Disney merger made it even more easy to happen. 

If we talk about Spider-man, in the Marvel comics he is portrayed as not just a superhero but also a genius who loves science and experimenting with it. So, there is a lot of scope for Spider-Man self-improving himself and becoming the best version of him till now in phase 4.  Spider-Man being powerful than ever also will invite the most potential and dangerous villains of all the time like the octopus, scorpion, soccer, electro and so on to enter the next phase of MCU. All these villains may gang up against him which will be the starting of the most interesting and huge battle.

Spider-Man far from home was a great movie to end Phase 3. Phase four will be announced very soon any day by MCU. Let’s wait for the official confirmation of what Disney has on its sleeves to offer in the upcoming era of Marvel Cinematic Universe