Study suggests 6 months routine walking might reverse cognitive aging

Study suggests 6 months routine walking might reverse cognitive aging

A new research suggests that you can slow down the brain’s aging process by simply cycling, walking, or similar physical activities. These activities help improve the thinking skills while adding a healthy heart to your body.

The study was published in Neurology, a popular journal which stated that working towards a health heart maximizes the chances for slowing the brain’s aging process. James Blumenthal, the lead author of the study stated that the research is based on the model that by improving one’s cardiovascular risk, one can effectively improve the neurocognitive functionality.

This is a dual benefit for the body as you improve the heart health as well as brain health. Dr. Richard Isaacson, the director for Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at the weill Cornell Medicine stated that most of the experts are completely convinced with the idea of focused lifestyle interventions that reduce any risk of cardiovascular dementia or Alzheimer’s.

This study has been devised as a random clinical trial to denote the benefits of lifestyle changes on the brain’s aging process. The study included 160 adults with High Blood Pressure and similar risks that can cause cardiovascular diseases. It also included patients that never exercised and are verified with cognitive concerns.