Redskins’ Montae Nicholson arrested following leaked video of fight

Redskins' Montae Nicholson arrested following leaked video of fight

TMZ recently obtained the video showing a fight that involved Montae Nicholson, the Redskins’ safety. The player was arrested for battery, assault, and public drinking charges.

In the video, one can notice the accused Nicholson, wearing a red colored sweatshirt. He went on to slam another man hard to the solid ground below. The victim was also wearing a red colored sweatshirt. Further in the video, Nicholson keeps throwing punches on another man with jean jacket. This continued until he delivered a shot that knocked him out.

This fight took place sometime around 2 a.m. in Virginia on Tuesday. Initially, after leaving a shopping center, the venue of the fight, Sydney Maggiore and Nicholson, both returned to this place while the deputies were present at the same place. Maggiore was also one of the accused in the incident.

Following this, Nicholson was arrested and taken to the county jail. However, he was released after he paid the bail bond of $2,500. Maggiore was denied the bail bond. The victims of the assault were taken immediately to the nearest hospital pertaining serious yet non-life threatening lacerations.

The incident took place after Maggiore and Nicholson honked the car horn repeatedly at the victims but a witness mentioned that the opposite was true.

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