Meghan Markle rejoices entry into Third trimester of pregnancy

Meghan Markle rejoices entry into 3 trimester of pregnancy

Price Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle now says that she has been doing pretty well with the whole pregnancy thing. She also states that she is for the fact very much pregnant. She couldn’t be more excited with the baby bump getting larger by each passing day.

Markle was paying a visit to Brinsworth House on Tuesday during her visit to London. It is a nursing home housing the British entertainers. She was in conversation with Josephine Gordon who is a former theatre actress. Gordon asked Megan about her health and emotional state as she enters her 3rd trimester.

Megan replied with sheer honesty telling that she is pretty much going to and fro with the feeling of a soon-to-be mom that is going to pop. Markle also asked Josephine, if she had children herself and the exchange of information seen here was priceless.

Now, talking about due dates, the Kensington Palace recently announced that Meghan is due somewhere around the spring of 2019. However, a specific date for the same wasn’t announced. Based on the big tummy she flaunts, the admirers are speculating that she might be way ahead of her scheduled date. Rumors also suggest that the Duchess might be carrying along twins inside of her.