Journalist murder rates increase worldwide with 53 deaths in 2018


A minimum of 53 journalists were listed under cases that confirmed them killed at various locations all around the world in this ongoing year. This statistics was confirmed by the latest report provided by the CPJ or Committee to Protect Journalists.

The organization mentioned over its website that the number of total journalists that were targeted for planned murder has increased substantially as compared to the previous year. Afghanistan is one such location where the extremists have actually stepped up the deliberate rate of attacks over the journalists. It was one among the deadliest countries in the entire world, especially for journalists. It is held accountable for a major portion of the increase in journalist death count.

About 13 journalists were reported killed in this country in 2018, which is the highest since CPJ started tracking the statistics for journalists’ deaths.

CPJ mentioned that about 34 journalists were actually killed payback for their reporting between 1st Jan and 14th December 2018. This figure is almost double the total count from the year 2017 back when 18 journalists were reported murdered pending retaliation. About 62 percent of these journalists were murdered while covering news pieces related to politics.