Hanahan High School Footballer makes touching announcement post recovery

Hanahan High School Footballer makes touching announcement post recovery

On Wednesday, a Hanahan based football player announced the exact location where he will play the college football. However, it was a heartwarming message which went along with his announcement that got the people talking.

In order to aid him with the announcement, Cooper Dawson called in his friend named Kingsley Feinman. Dawson mentioned that Feinman has always inspired him and especially when he needed him during the recovery process from torn ACL. Feinman suffers from cerebral palsy.

Dawson also stated that his friend has taught him the fact that a bad attitude is the only one disability humans suffer from. He added that even after suffering from such issue, Feinman continues to smile through and this is why he can continue doing the same.

He mentioned that he promised his friend, he will inform him of the decision before announcing the same. This is why Dawson whispered the decision to his friend after which Feinman announced it to the media and crowd.

Feinman announced that Dawson is going to play at Syracuse. Scott Eisberg, Former reporter at WYFF News 4 Sports who currently works at the WCIV located at Charleston mentioned about this event with his tweet stating that it was one among the best signing days ever seen.