District Court Judge blocks restrictions over Asylum application

District Court Judge blocks restrictions over Asylum application

On Wednesday, a judge for the federal government blocked Trump’s administration related policies. These policies were aimed at prevention of asylum being provided to the immigrants suffering from domestic abuse or gang violence.

Emmet Sullivan, the U.S. District Court Judge mentioned that a portion of these guidelines issued this year by Attorney General Jeff Sessions cannot essentially be used as a determinant for asylum claim. The guidelines also failed to determine the fact whether the immigrant comes with credible persecution fear or has been tortured in the home countries.

The judge mentioned that this policy by the administration for asylum seekers actually violates the immigration law. This block is another legal backflow for the current U.S. President Donald Trump’s unending efforts for toughening the immigration laws without actually changing the Congress laws.

To this new ruling, the White House mentioned that this will eventually overwhelm the immigration courts running down with the meritless cases. This will make the existing backlog worse with time. Sarah Sanders, the Press Secretary mentioned that Wednesday’s ruling is an example of the judicial activism which encourages the migrants to opt for risks while empowering the criminal organizations.

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