D.C. experiences increased death rate pending drug overdose and official incompetence

DC experiences increased death rate pending drug overdose

For the last 4 years, the capital city of the nation has undergone the worst health crisis post the entry of AIDS, which is an explosion from fatal overdoses of drug among the African American community.

This enhanced death rate is caused by the heroin cut along with synthetic lethal opioid fentanyl. It is compared to the worst opioid epidemic ravages in suburban and rural areas of the U.S. More people succumbed to death from opioid overdose as opposed to homicides in this district last year.

However, the overdose victims in the city are way different from the ones in the country areas more commonly associated alongside opioid abuse. Most of these addicts are the black men under the influence of heroin for more than a decade. Unlike the drug users all around these addicts have been left helpless by the government.

The district consistently fell short when responding to the mounting cases of opioid casualties. The officials have been misspending millions in terms of federal grant while ignoring the life saving strategies. The officials at D.C. distributed naloxone which is an antidote for drug overdose used by the laypeople to prevent their death. However, the distribution rate was far lower than all other cities facing similar opioid problems.