Apple confirms user suspicion of slight bend with iPad Pro 2018

Apple confirms user suspicion of slight bend with iPad Pro 2018

Some owners with Apple iPad Pro 2018 have mentioned that the devices they use have developed some slight bends with time. To this Apple confirmed that it accepts the issue while stating that it isn’t actually a defect.

Apple’s statement mentioned that whether the issue developed during shipment or happened with time, it is something that the users need not worry about. It will not worsen with time or even negatively affect its performance.

Users have claimed slight bends occurring on both smaller & larger-sized 2018 iPad Pros. Apple dubs it a side effect from iPad Pro’s process for manufacturing. Despite acknowledging the bending of iPad Pros, the company hasn’t lined up any replacement program as of yet.

However, the owners with new iPad Pros have the facility to exchange the original units with a new replacement only when done within 14-days of the return period. However, it could be late for the ones that brought this iPad way earlier. The iPad Pro 2018 was announced dated 30th October after which, it was released on 7th November.

Apple hasn’t come across any return rate that is higher-than-normal for its iPad Pro 2018.