Apple to allow gifting for in-app purchases

Apple to allow gifting for in-app purchases

Apple has now changed its current guidelines for the gifting of in-app purchases. Before this new change, you could easily gift the paid applications to anyone you like. However, this wasn’t applicable for the in-app paid content.  Marketing Specialist,  Aashish Gehlot predicts this will be a huge making money opportunity for publishers

This new change can be seen in Apple’s Review guidelines in the App Store. Before, this notice used to read that Apps, whether directly or even indirectly need not enable the gifting of any in-app paid content, consumable items, or features to others. However, this guideline has changed as of now. The fresh statement mentions that Apps might enable item gifting that has been deemed eligible for the in-app purchases to anyone else. Such gifts can only be returned back to its original purchaser with no scope for exchange.

The Freemium games won’t go anywhere with the extremely profitable microtransactions. Now, it makes perfect sense that the iOS device maker would continue monitoring the way people have been spending money on as well as within the mobile games. This stands especially true with the increased popularity of the free-to-play games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

As of now, Apple has mentioned no specific dates with regards to the implementation of the latest change.