Opioids deemed only slightly effective for chronic pain treatment

Opioids deemed only slightly effective for chronic pain treatment

A new study suggests that now popular opioids are just slightly better than the placebos when it comes to pain treatment. This study tracked about 26,000 people for researching the effects of opioids. All of these patients were experiencing non-cancer and chronic pain.

All of these patients took placebos or real opioids to test out the effects of the same. The people that took on opioids reported significant yet small improvements with physical functionality and pain. However, this came with an increased instance of vomiting risk when compared to the placebos.

Given the minimal benefits with major risks related to opioids, researchers now suggest that other treatment options such as physical therapy or ice therapy could actually provide better results for the people going through chronic, non-cancerous pain.

Most of the medical organizations or professionals now support prescribing opioids for treatment of cancer symptoms. However, in the recent decades, physicians have been prescribing these drugs for treatment of chronic pain that has been stemming from variety of issues which include headaches, back pain, as well as post-surgical pain.

Opioids might aid in bringing down the pain but they also come with serious risk from addiction or overdose. This is why the CDC recommends doctor only to prescribe the opioid treatment when deemed absolutely necessary.