Jarrett Allen attempts block of a rare dunk by LeBron James

Jarrett Allen attempts block of a rare dunk by LeBron James

The events on Tuesday that led to Jarrett Allen, Brooklyn Nets center indulging in a dunking attempt with LeBron James eventually ended up over the social media channels.

Allen mentioned following this that even if he went and blocked it, he will be highlighted. Even if he got dunked on, he will be highlighted. So, it’s better to go on and protect his rim. This approach by Allen led to the viewers experiencing a remarkable blocking play on James during the 1st quarter of Nets game against Los Angeles Lakers by a 115-110 win.

Allen came across James just above the game rim during the 2nd minute. He went on to reject the attempt and put himself on the list of the players that wanted to block the dunk tried by James. Allen is the 8th player who blocked this 4-time MVP. He has only been denied 9 dunk attempts from a total of 1850 in his entire career as confirmed by ESPN Stats & Information Research.

James mentioned that Allen is currently in his early 20s while he is in his 30s which makes it longer for him to warm up. But it’s all fine for him given the fact that Allen is a shot-blocker.