iOS 11 to Update Camera and Photos App

Ios 11 update

iOS 11 to Update Camera and Photos App

Now that iOS 11 has been officially released, existing iPhone and iPad users can finally start to explore the many features that come with the update. Of all these features however it is the newly revamped camera and photos app that is likely to turn the most heads, due to the impact of the improvements that have been made as well as how extensive they are.

Simply put iOS 11 has made a slew of improvements to the way in which you can capture, edit, view and store photos and videos on Apple devices. Some of the highlights of these changes includes

New Media Formats

In iOS 11 Apple has adopted a new range of formats, and will store videos in HEVC and images in HEIF. From a practical standpoint that will mean that the same high quality videos and images will consume a fraction of the storage space, with file sizes that are reduced by up to 50% or so – so more media files can be stored overall.

Improved Memories

Memories have always been a rather nifty feature, and in iOS 11 they benefit from AI improvements that will allow them to better select photos and personalize them. New types of Memories are also available, to better encapsulate special events or occasions.

Live Photo Changes

It will now be possible to edit Live Photos and crop, trim, enhance, mute or apply filters to them. Additionally users can choose a frame from the Live Photo that looks best to use as the ‘main image’, and there are three new effects to choose from: Loop, bounce, and long exposure.

Revamped Portrait Mode

In an effort to improve the Portrait Mode of cameras, iOS 11 has added support for HDR, image stabilization and flash – though currently only the iPhone 7 Plus has those features. On all other devices there are several new filters, with three main styles that break down into a variety of additional enhancements.

Better People Album

The advancements in AI will let iOS 11 recognize faces and identify them more accurately, which will help with groupings in the People album. The various groupings will also sync across all your devices, and the interface has been tweaked to make it look better and so that it can be customized.

All in all users should find that iOS 11 provides them with more options to capture, edit, and view images and videos on their devices – though some editing features like how to remove date stamp from photo may still require a different editor. Add to that the fact that they will now be able to store more media files on their devices, and it should make the choice to update an easy one.

Ios 11 update 

Naturally while most of the improvements in iOS 11 are applicable to all devices eligible for the update, the new range of iPhones undoubtedly benefit the most from it. Keep in mind however that the features highlighted above are just the improvements to the camera and photos app, and iOS 11 includes numerous other improvements to a number of different areas as well.