Toy Story 4 – Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Characters


Toy Story 4 is here.I know that many people and viewers have watched Disney shows but hate them at the end of the day. Several of the viewers who have reached their puberty has also left the Disney platform to join another platform. However, there are Shows and Movies, which makes the old self come back and take that moment to remember the old days like the Toy story series and the good news is Toy story is here yet again with its upcoming movie. Toy Story 4 release date is 20th June 2019


Toy Story 4 poster


One of these shows involved Buzz Light Year, who happen to be a superhero from space and aired on Disney Channel way back.

Toy Story 4 Leaked Poster

Toy Story 4 Trailer

Toy Story 4 Announced

Toy story is one of these movies, which takes us back to our old days. Toy Story 4 is announced, and it will happen in 2019, I know that we have to wait for two years, which is ridiculous but nevertheless, at least we get to see a version of the Toy Story and relive the moment.

There have been many changes in the story, and I would like to let you know,s o that it doesn’t like a surprise for you and doesn’t get disappointed.

“Lasseter said, Toy Story has been one of my greatest things to happen in my life, and I consider them as my family. The characters have made an impact on many lives and the story explain the words and thinking of lifeless beings. As we have seen in the Toy Story 3, the perfect ending for the Woody, Buzz tie between Andy and them was perfect. Many viewers are happy with the ending of it. When my teammates, Andrew, Pete, Lee, and myself came with an idea, which is perfect for the one more Toy Story movie and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m excited, and the team is back in implementing the Toy Story 4.”

Judging from the Lasseter words, the story will be new and does not relate to the Andy, Buzz or Woody. However, nobody can guarantee you that the story does not include or exclude the previous characters from the Toy Story movie.

Movie Cast & Story

According to the sources, several people have reported that some of the characters from the previous movies might not be added to the 4th movie because the comedian who plays the role of Mr.Potato has passed away. On the April 2017, Don Rickles has passed away from Kidney failure. The 90-year-old veteran has not recorded his voice for the Mr.Potato Head’s.

Several sources say that he is the most respected man in the industry and his absence will also result in removal of the character. The Toy Story may not replace him to respect his contribution.

Toy Story 4 Release Date

I know that many of you are confused about the release date because of the complications occurred from the maker’s end. Let me clear it for you.

  • the theatrical release was on June 16, 2017.
  • Postponed on June 20, 2019.

We don’t know the exact causes for the postponing the release dates, but the original dates were given to Pixar’s Cars 3 movie.


Pixar’s vision for the Toy Story is amazing. The fans are waiting for the initial release of the Toy Story 4 movie. Let us know your thoughts and memories Toy Story brings back to you in the comment section below.