Lil Rob Death:Is Lil Rob Dead? No


Lil Rob Death:Is Lil Rob Dead? No – The celebrity rumor game has really taken off since the invention of the Internet. It seems as if every week there is a new celebrity that has passed away in some tragic accident. For the casual follower, it can be hard to decipher who is really still living and who has actually died. The latest B-List celebrity to fall victim of these rumors was the Los Angeles Chicano rapper Robert Flores. Flores is better known by his stage name, Lil Rob.

Stories first started to appear just over 24 hours ago that the rapper had died in a tragic accident. In most cases that are similar to this one, the popular social networking site, Twitter is usually blamed for the rumor spreading like wildfire. In this case, Twitter was mostly quiet and the rumor appeared to remain contained to several different popular celebrity rumor websites, that claim that they picked up the information from a reliable source on a message board.

How old is Lil Rob?

Lil rob was born in 21 September 1975 and is 41 years old.

However, Lil Rob did not actually die. Like so many before him, including Mr. Bean,  Britney Spears’ and Miley Cyrus, two of the biggest names who have had this rumor circulate about them, Lil Rob is alive and well. In most versions of the rumor, the rapper had died after a long battle with lung cancer. Why someone would choose to start this rumor about a scarcely known, and little remembered celebrity is unclear. Lil’ Rob has not commented on the situation, although individuals who are close to him have confirmed that the rumor is false and that Lil Rob is fine at his home in Los Angeles. It is unclear what prompted these rumors to begin. There will be no criminal investigation into the matter, and there is no known way to stop these instances from occurring.