iPhone 8: Release Date, Rumors, Price, Specs & Pictures

Iphone 8 leaked image

Apple greatest creation has always been an iPhone. Of course, iPhone is not what helped Apple become one of the most excellent innovative company. Another technology like Apple Mac and Macbook has paved its way to Apple legacy.

The world highly appreciates Apple marketing strategy. Their marketing strategy has made what an iPhone is a today. iPhone next release is iPhone 8, and they might even continue the numbers order any more.

Iphone 8 pic

Apple iPhone 8 is going to biggest competition because Samsung S8 has made an impact on the market. Considering the elimination of forehead and chin with one big screen is what the world needed.

iPhone 8: Release Date, Rumors, Price, Specs & Pictures

iPhone 8 may no longer have the number order and the Apple name it something else. As we all know that Samsung is currently on the top and Apple biggest obstacle is that will they be able to meet the expectations of the consumers?

Release Date

Apple usually releases their next flagship smartphone during August and September, considering the Apple primary goal, they will come slightly earlier. Their loyal customers are expecting an iPhone that can beat Samsung S-series.

Iphone 8 look

Iphone 8 Rumors

Apple trusts the China companies to assemble the iPhone’s and a few months back someone, who works at Apple China has released designs that can also be the next iPhone. There is no guarantee that the plans are legit and the man words can be trusted. However, it does look similar to the what Samsung has done to their flagship smartphone.

Iphone 8 back image

Several trusted Apple or call it Tech Youtubers have made videos on it that also includes Unboxtherapy. However, many consumers are not satisfied with it.

  • A big screen is added to the iPhone 8 similar to the Samsung S8.
  • The design is much more elegant than previous models.
  • Apple may no longer use the numerical order. It can be named “iPhone SE 2” or something else.
  • Apple may introduce new models as well. They have added “Plus-Edition” a few years back.

Apple Iphone 8 Price

iPhone 8 prices will be interesting because the company is going to make significant changes. They are planning to add more colors and also introduce new models to the edition. The prices will go and down based on the model and color.


Display: The display has improved for those who use the smartphone for longer periods. Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors.

Size: The size matters and the latest iPhone screen size is unknown because of the aspect ratio. However, the screen will be massive as shown in the picture.

CPU & Chipset:  There is no doubt that the processor will be the Apple A11 chipset, which is a Quad-core processor.

RAM: The entry-level smartphone will have 4GB of RAM, and the flagship smartphone will have 6GB of RAM.

Internal Storage: Like always, Apple will maintain the 32GB, 128GB to 256GB variants.

External Storage: Apple hates the idea of external storage.

Primary & Secondary Camera: Apple has always bragged about their camera, and iPhone 8 will have a vertical 12MP dual camera for 4k videos. According to the news, it will be vertical and also have a LED flash.

Iphone 8 concept design

The front is going to be epic because of the selfie craze. 8MP front camera with DSLR features.


We have mentioned every feature, which is hot on social media as we speak. Even the most trusted Youtubers like Unboxtherapy is supporting the claims. Let us know what you think about the iPhone 8 in the comments below.