Iphone 9 : Rumors, Release date, Specs, Price, Concept and Pictures

Iphone 9 pic
This is how the iphone 9 looks like

Apple iPhone 9 Leaks & Rumors

Apple has always been in the limelight. Adding something new to their smartphone and other products and charging hefty prices by called it flagship smartphones. Not many people know that, but Apple is the right example for “Quality over Quantity.” Currently, iPhone 7-series is flagship smartphone, which Apple is selling and marketing. The new Iphone 9 rumors has already started

Almost 60% of the consumers are not happy with the latest release because iPhone 6 and 7 are the same for ordinary users. There has been a hardware development for Iphone 8 but for those who are not heavy users will find it the same. As we all know that the Apple iPhone sales have dropped, you can explicitly confirm it by looking at the previous records.

Iphone 9 Release Date:

The Upcoming Apple iPhone 9 is expected to release in 2019

Iphone 9 Image


Apple says the next technology is what they are known for and they will bring the next screen technology in Iphone 9. Samsung has implemented something new, and Apple will sure come up with something that can eat the rival company Samsung.

Apple is currently adding a better screen, which will force their loyal users to upgrade. The screen will be much brighter and sleek design.

Charging & Battery

Iphone 9 pictures

Apple hinted that they would allow the Samsung to take the credit for starting the Wireless charge trend but the next iPhone will break the rules and take Wireless Charging to another level. We have seen in the past that iPhone has come to the market with a little feature and then they made it huge.

The battery capacity will be increased and as you all are already aware of the fact that iPhone has never faced any blast issue in the past because they carry several tests on their batteries. The next battery will support  4000 mAh, which will increase the battery life.

The Wireless Charging will be provided in the box itself, so you don’t have to pay for it separately. The Wireless Charging output is capable of Quick Charge, which is something Samsung lacks. The Wireless Charger will have a sleek design so that one can carry it while traveling.

Iphone 9 Design

Iphone 9 design

There is no shadow of the doubt that the Apple improves their products design with every next release. Apple is planning to remove the home button from below and move it somewhere else or make it on-screen fingerprint scanner. However, there are speculations that Apple is confused or not sure about removal of the Home Button because of what the world has reacted to the 3.5mm jack.


The number of colors added to the iPhone 7 and 8 is higher than the previous releases. They have introduced several other options in the market to entertainment and lead the loyal users a colorful life. Not only that there are rumors that they will add more colors like Green, Brown, Metalic Green and more in Iphone 9. Recently, Apple has added a new color in an edition of Dubai.

Apple Pay

Apple has already implemented virtual paying option with the Apple watches, and they will also enable global users to use the Apple Pay option with the iPhone. You can use the payment method to make payments all over the world with a simple app for non-iPhone users or so.

There are too many virtual paying options available in the market, which will only confuse the users to use multiple options. To resolve the confusion, Apple will tie with the Government and create an official service, where people of the country can pay without any hesitation.

Camera & Vlogging Cameras Features

Apple CEO recently hinted the users are saying that “Vlogging has become a regular thing for people, how about a smartphone with Vlogging Features?” Isn’t that amazing, if you have an iPhone, which has Final Cut Pro options and Vlogging feature?

70% majority of the designers around the world prefer FCP (Final Cut Pro by Apple), a video software to the newbies.

  • Front Camera: HD 12Pixels.
  • Rear Camera: HD Vlogging Camera with Flash.

According to the sources, Apple is going to add a front facing flash to the next release because of the demand.


Apple is one word that made several companies come forward to invest in their ideas. Apple is the one word that made millions of units sell into the market like a piece of cake, despite the price of the product is unimaginably high. Let us know what you want in the next iPhone 9 release in the comments below.