Did The Obama Health Care Bill Pass? Health Care Vote Results 2017


The American Health Care Act has proven to be the core part during Election time, as many Americans believe that the Obama care was a disaster and not worked for everyone. Which is true, but it also helped people who cannot hope to pay the medical bills.

The American Health Care Act on the passage that can change the course of the Nation Health Policy. The demand changes with this bill, and it becomes a law that can replace a portion of the Obama care. There will be a great change and cut-offs for the people who have to buy an insurance coverage. The latest Health Bill will help the poor and disabled.

Any sizable change in our complex health care system leaves some people and businesses better or worse off. For some, insurance will become more affordable — or their taxes will be lower. Others will lose out on financial support or health care coverage. You can see how you might be affected in our summary of winners and losers.

Obama Health care Bil
President Barack Obama speaks during the Organizing for America National Health Care Forum, Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009, at the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Who Will Benefit From the New Health Care?

For High-Income Earners

The family or an individual, who is earning more than $200,000 or it should not exceed more than $250,000 will have 0.9% of the increase in the Medicare payroll tax, and that’s not the end. They will also have 3.8% of the tax on the health savings account. The idea is to charge more tax and invest that tax back to the person under the health savings account.

Those Without Pre-Existing Health Conditions – Upper Middle Class

Now, an individual will be able to buy off an insurance at an affordable price and won’t be charged high because of the pre-existing health conditions, and it applies to the people who make $48,000.  It will help the families from waiving off the benefits and also avoid high insurance charges.

Those Without Pre-Existing Health Conditions – Young Middle Class

The young people with no health conditions will be able to get insurance for a lesser price and also the flat subsidy will higher than you expected in the Obamacare. However, those who have existing medical conditions will have to pay a little higher price in few states.


It may sound a little cliche, but when you think about the factors, some people actually can afford the Insurance, but they avoid it. The Health Bill eliminates and also punish the people who don’t buy the Insurance, although they can afford it.


I consider it as a downside because ObamaCare made it clear that the major organizations should mandate provide a health insurance for their employees. However, the latest bill removed the term option.

For the Poor?

The bill has discouraged many states to the expansion of the Medicaid program and roll back the increase. The Obamacare has program has covered several childless adults without any disabilities, but now it will be removed. If you think about it, it will also push the poor people, and many citizens will get uninsured.


There are several things, which include in the new health bill but it does give you a quick glimpse on the latest health bill. Let us know yout thoughts and ideas on it in the comments section below.