Belle Beauty and the Beast Costumes Revealed

Emma watson belle costume
Belle's costumes, who made them? Where did they come from? Do you want the same clothes? We have revealed the names of the designers and so why wait?

Beauty and the Beast is one of the Disney cartoon movie, which was released several years ago. The Disney movie, which was in the form of an animation is now out. Hollywood has seen several anime and cartoon characters were never real as today’s movies.

Belle beauty and the beast costume
Belle’s costumes, who made them? Where did they come from? Do you want the same clothes? We have revealed the names of the designers and so why wait?

Disney has waited for a long time to make Belle Beauty and the Beast happen. Definitely, during 1990’s, the world was limited to the technology, not as compared to the past. Belle Beauty and the Beast is booming on the box office and probably will cross $1B in the collection.

Who Designed The Belle Beauty and the Beast Costumes

The magic spell that cast upon the viewers after watching the movie simply left the viewers dazed. Emma Watson, who has chosen to be the next modern Disney princess for the character.  According to the costume DESIGNER Jacqueline Durran, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador doesn’t want to portray herself a weak and dependent person in the movie.

One of the things, which made the film attractive and took it to the past is the costumes. As you can see in the film that she has worn different types of outfit that are pretty impressive and also beautiful. It takes a person back to the past and also is suitable for a Queen or a Princess. The worthy of calling the Queen clothing line is a way to go fo the Emma Watson. The 26-year-old actress is wearing the designs, which consists a technique called “Aari Work.” The origin of the art is coming from the India. These designs are created in the Kutch area of Gujarat.

The guy, who have the contributed to the beauty of the clothing for the Beauty, and the Beast movie is the Gujarati artisan brothers from Bhuj, Kasam. The duo has made a marvelous contribution to the film with their art of embroidery, which is the specialty of the Indian culture. The Gujarati brothers have taken this to the Instagram, and they have posted several pictures of their work.

The brothers have also added the part, where they have revealed the fabric they have used to make the comfortable clothes for the project. The “red cape look” look is a specialty of India.

If you have seen the “Red Cape Look,” the designers have said that they have used more than just one piece of cloth to make the dress. It took several p[arts of the fabrics and used different types of materials to give it a final look. The designers are Gujarati, who usually prefer to finish the items using their hands, which means they have dyed it manually using their hands. They have also used low-eye-impact colors to give the dress a final natural look.


The Gujarati designers have produced a masterpiece dress for the movie, and they have used natural colors, which has a positive impact on your eyes. Rumors suggest they are already booked for beauty and the beast 3. The final printing can be seen in the film itself. Let us know what you think about the designers work in the comments below.