Beauty and the Beast 3: Rumors, Release Date, Plot, Cast

beauty and the beast 3

Beauty and the beast have been on the peak on the weekends, and the box collection is booming. According to the reports, Beauty and the beast is going to make more than a billion dollar in collection sooner or later. Nevertheless, we are expecting more from the beauty and the beast franchise.

 Beauty and the Beast 3 Movie Rumors

beauty and the beast 3

The movie story is amazing when you think about it because it is not unique and different, but you also get to see something interesting. Of course, there are plenty of things are wrong with the movie, and I would like to print them out for you guys.

Beauty and the Beast are fan favorite now, and we will expect third part of the movie. If you think about the film, what we get to see is that a man turned into a beast because of an enchantress curse, but that’s not how the story writer is going to portray in the next release.

According to the resources, there is a rumor going on that the story is going to shift the places. In simple word, the girl will be the beast in the movie and the guy is going to be the next Emma Watson.

What Will Be The Plot?

There were plenty of mistakes happened in the movie, but we hope that these errors will be fixed in the next release film. I would like to point them out after I have watched the movie.

  1.  The film begins with the prince bad behavior, and there are several peop[le around him. When the enchantress arrives at the door, there are no servants to open that for him. If you have not paid attention to the movie, then the prince mother has passed away and if you don’t know his father happen to be alive, yet he was absent or only removed out of the picture.
  2. Belle happens to the only person, who can read in the village. Which means Women Empowerment is missing and the community doesn’t give a crap about it.
  3. Why is the Belle, the only women to ever come to the castle and the rest of the talking objects are so sure about that she is gong to be the one, who break the curse? Cliche.
  4. If you paid attention to the beast from the beginning, he was rude and mean but later on, he became humble, and his pride only faded, in such a short time.
  5. The Enchantress doesn’t specify that the Women has been in the human form then why to wait for such a longtime?
  6. In the movie, we have seen a dog, which has turned into footstool but there is no dog at the beginning and ending of the film.

I’m not pointing out mistakes after in-depth research, and I have noticed them in just one shot because the mistakes are not petty. Most of the scenes do not add up to the storyline.


In Beauty and the Beast 3, we hope that the movie makers will fix the problem and ensure that it won’t happen in the next release. Let us know what you think about the Beauty and the Beast 3 in the comments below.