What Carmen Larbalestier Feels about Lewis Hamilton for 2017 Plans?

Mother of Lewis Hamilton, Carmen Larbalestier

Lewis Hamilton who was born to Carmen Larbalestier is a well-known name among the racers, doesn’t matter which category of race franchise it is because of the name and fame he gained through his performance. Lewis Hamilton has become one of the richest races in the world because of his knowledge on race tracks, which turned him into a champion.

What we see is an ice mountain, which is tall and strong and doesn’t look or seem like to fall anytime soon but it doesn’t come in a day or two. Even a champion has to go through several problems and challenges, which is a block of ice blocking you from reaching your destiny.

Carmen Larbalestier
Mother of Lewis Hamilton, Carmen Larbalestier wishes and what she has to say about his progress for Mercedes 2017 race.

We have seen Lewis Hamilton falling from 1st position to 10th place, and nothing is going well for him because of the pressure of being the No.1 on the race track. The challenges have increased from past few years and struggling to be on the 1st. In 2016, he is ranked in 2nd position, which is devasting for someone who is expected to be on 1st.

What Carmen Larbalestier Feels about Lewis Hamilton for 2017 Plans?

Carmen Larbalestier

Carmen Larbalestier is the mother of Lewis Hamilton, who is encouraging him ever since he developed a passion for the tracks. The mother of Lewis, Carmen Larbalestier says that he might be going through a challenging phase, but he will make sure to get off the burden and again rise to the occasion.

From 2nd to 4th Position?

Currently, Lewis is playing for Mercedes, and He admitted that his performance in the Saturday’s qualifying is not enough against the competitors. He happens to start at the fourth position.

On Sunday, he has to make a negative impact on the team, and his image has to be fixed at the Sunday Sochi Race.

Lewis said that “Not every weekend goes perfectly smoothly,” the Mercedes star has explained it that the tires were not able to find the rhythm and things got worse to worse.

Mercedes, Lewis hamilton has a pack of challenges to face because of the fall to the fourth position, and he has plenty to prepare because the competition is not going to let him take the lead at any further. The defense line will be intact and will be taken off on Sunday.

Hamilton expectations have increased because he needs to pull himself up to win the 2017 race. He plans to set-up his Mercedes car to the stage, where he can make the vehicle to reach longer distance.

Carmen Larbalestier Response to Rival Sebastian Vettel Comments

Sebastian Vettel, who is known as the rival for Lewis made comments and response to his remarks, and Carmen Larbalestier said “Lewis has accepted the state he is in, and he will rise to the occasion like he always did in the past. Things are on the downside, but there is no negative without positive existence.”


The ironic part is that the Lewis Hamilton, he has been in similar situation in 2010 and 2011, but he was able to maintain his pace and remained in that position to this date. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.