Mr Bean Death: Is Mr.Bean Dead or Alive? Truth Revealed

Is mr bean dead?

Is Rowan Atkinson Aka Mr. Bean Dead? NO

Mr.Bean is a very well-known name around the world because of the Animated series on various kids channels and also became a sensation among the adults as well. The funny character, which Mr. Bean has brought on the table has left both Kids and Adults laughing.

Nothing can change the fact that the veteran actor has done it all to make us laugh in a decent way. Unlike many other comedians who like to use the reference of some of the low moments and also involve someone else their jokes, which are ridiculous.

Is mr bean dead?
Mr bean Death rumors

Mr. Bean official birth name is Rowan Atkinson, who ha appeared in several movies and his notable lead man movie is Johnny English. The movie is a parody of James Bond franchise, and I have watched Johnny English and Johnny English Two, I must agree that they should also make another part of the franchise because you cannot get any better than that.

Mr. Bean Death Rumors

Rowan Atkinson has died more than once, and you read it right. Several rumors are spreading that he has passed away on several occasions. I would like to make an official announcement that “Rowan Atkinson is alive and he’s healthier than ever.”. Now I’m going to address on how and where these rumors are started to happen and how the news had begun to spread.

Rumors Reasons

  1.  Mr. Bean or Johnny English star has been extremely inactive on international television and cinemas for, and he has not been featured in any International for years now. Which has left the fans to forget about him and asking if he is dead?
  2. Rowan has not been on any Social Media platform to let the fans follow him and keep them updated with his work and progress he is making.
  3. He has not appeared on any T.V talk shows or late night shows apparently.
  4. His absence on the T.V plays a crucial role.
  5. Fake news sites and spam has also played a major role.

I hope that you guys have learned a lesson that sometimes you should let your fans or friends know about your activity because there are so many things in life that make you forget about things.

Death Hoax News Sites & Social Media

The power of Social Media is incomparable and has proven that Social Media can beat Millions of worth promotions. The social media serves the purpose to connect you with your family and friends, no matter how far and unreachable you are, but some people are sending and sharing information that is nothing but a lie.

Instead of using the platform for awareness, Hoax News sites are spreading the false news all over the world, and people are falling for it.

Rowan says,”I never thought that a living person could be dead for five times, I’m surprised that people love so much, despite my absence.”

As expected from the veteran comedian, his comments are gentle and humorous.


Let us know you favorite Mr. Bean or Rowan work in the comments below. Let us remind you that the veteran actor is not on Social Media, so do not follow any random guy claiming to be Mr. Bean star.