Ciara And Russell Wilson New Born Baby Pictures Leaked


Russell Wilson tweeted that ‘She has born in the third round, just like in the game”. Russell Wilson has experienced to be a father for the first time. He has a baby girl, whom the name is yet to reveal later on. Russell Wilson is a famous soccer player, who has started his career or professional game in the year of 2007 and earned a spot. He has come to the limelight because of his achievements in the game and number of won because of his contribution.

Young Rusell has started his career with the high school football team and made it to the nationals because of the talent and in-game strategies he has able to implement in the past. The high school star rose to the occasion when he managed to make it to the draft of NFL.

He has not only manage to make it to the national games but also being on the Super Bowl Seasons. He manages to score more than is teammates has done during their debut season. Not only that he managed not to get injured all season and played it to the end.

Later on, he manages to break the records of his franchise after returning to the super bowl.

Ciara And Russell Wilson New Born Baby Pictures Leaked

In 2016, he got injured, while playing for the team. Russell contribution has given him the limelight, but he has married twice. Nothing went well with his first marriage, which has ended up in a divorce.

Later on, he met R&B singer Ciara, who began dating from 2015 and they found their love and saw beauty in the relationship. In the month of March 11, they got engaged. After few months in July, they got married.

Ciara And Russell Wilson New Born Baby Pictures Leaked online and people are looking forward to more pictures from the couple.

Meanwhile, the Ciara started to post her days with the baby on social media, keeping everyone up-to-date about her status.

Welcoming The Baby Girl

Ciara, 31, and Wilson, 28, revealed on the singer’s birthday last October that they were expecting.

Like I have mentioned that the couple was expecting a baby, which was announced in the month of October on social media. Things started to become more exciting for the couple. Singer Ciara, who got married to the Russel following 4-month engagement have finally delivered a baby girl.

Ciara 31 and Russell 28, finally able to see his first child face. The world got excited after taking the first look at the Ciara And Russell Wilson New Born Baby Pictures.


There is no doubt that New Born Baby Pictures Leaked and we are expecting more from the couple. According to the magazines are waiting for an opportunity to meet the couple and take a shoot of New Born Baby Pictures. Let us know what you think about the leaked photos of the Ciara And Russell Wilson New Born Baby Pictures.