Fast And Furious 8 Collection at Box Office

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The Fast & Furious is a franchise that has pushed to another limit from last decade. Many viewers believe that the movie is being pushed to add one number to the list. In the pursue to the make the franchise even or strong. Fast and Furious 8 came to be one of the major hit at the box office lately.

Fast and furious 8 box office

The movie has crossed millions already around the world.

Box Office: Fast And Furious 8 All Time Collection

Fast and Furious has always done great in the United Kingdom, so the movie makers never looked at the entry numbers in the UK. What surprised is that Fast And Furious eight is standing at the top of the box office collection in the United States of America, which happens to be a new scenario for the makers.

The Fast And Furious eight is standing at the top of the box office with $165 Million in their first week, which is surprising. The competition in the global performance is great but Fast And Furious eight franchise is standing out of the crowd and making it large, it’s great going for them.

Fast And Furious 8: $1B Total Entry Collection

The domestic run is quite guns and roses for them, but they did manage to make $165 Million in the first week and expected to make double of what we are estimating it.

India: INR Rs.67.64 CR.

USA: $165 Million Dollar.

China: $110.78 Million dollar.

UK: $95.65 Million and more.


Fast And Furious 8 Box Office picture makes it clear that it has affected other movies such as,  The Boss Baby, which had an adverse entry collection of $12.7 Million. Only five films were able to stand in the top five because of fierce competition. Much awaited and promoted film Beauty and the Beast has to end up on a third of the position $9.9 Million.

How Well-Did it Performed in China Despite Trump Mis-treatment Towards China?

There’s no doubt that the USA President involvement in US-China based business deals is kind of in tension. However, many movies fail to make it to the top of the China box office. Let’s take a look at previous records, and flop includes The Expendables 3, Disney’s Tomorrowland, and the amazing Science-Fiction Pacific Rim. They had a bad run in the China box office because of the taste and wide range of exposure.

Fast and Furious eight has hit the China very well after all the idea did come from the Chinese movie. China has inspired to make the F&F happen in the first place. The China did the F&F 8 a second chance and made the entry box office collection surprising.

The UK, South Asia & Rest Of The World

The world is fond of Action Sequel and Racing because of the very reason, the Fast & Furious 8 has done a fair job in several countries with the UK $113M, Fast and furious 8 collection in India is 67 CR, and rest of the world has made then a billion dollar in just two weeks of the period.


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