Apple Iphone 7 Vs Google Pixel: Which One To Buy?

Iphone 7 google pixel comparison

There has been a lot of buzz in the market ever since Apple Inc has introduced iPhone 7 in the global market. Apple iPhone lovers are excited about the new iPhone 7, despite the fact that the jack has been removed from the flagship devices, Apple said that jack was taking too much of space.

Apple: Everyone was expecting a revolutionary iPhone from the Apple but they only launched an improved version of iPhone 7 with a new design and colors.

There are a lot of tech geeks criticizing the iPhone 7 capabilities because there is no revolutionary technology added to the 7th version of iPhone.

But the market value has not been affected by the disappointment caused by Apple Inc because no matter what iPhone launches, people will buy it because the device itself is premium and symbolize lavish gestures.

Google: Google has planned and planning to compete with Apple because they have acquired Motorola a few years back and learned how the smartphones industry works. They have successfully managed to earn the right to be called “We (Google) mean business”.

Nevertheless, Google has properly planned out everything, and it seems more like they are competing with everyone and mostly Apple Inc. One doesn’t have to be a genius to understand, which company has more potential just because Apple is all about richness.

Iphone 7 google pixel comparison


iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel

What better way is to introduce Google Pixel right after iPhone 7 launched globally, let’s compare the valuable company products.

The information has been fetched from the official sites of both respective sites.

Color Variants

Category iPhone 7 Google Pixel
External stuff you get in the package. Usb to 3.5mm Jack. OTG Cable.
Colors. Black, Silver, Jet Black, Gold and Rose Gold. Very Silver, Quite Black, Really Blue.


The bottom line is that Black and Jet Black has an almost similar in look so I wouldn’t bother to consider it as another color, but iPhone wins in Color factor. There are many options in the iPhone 7 but Google Pixel has only three.


Now let’s compare the hardware capabilities. How the smartphone will perform and is it worth spending $600? What else can be more interesting to find out their performance but the Google Pixel cannot be compared because the product has not been launched in the market yet. But you can compare it with the stats and specs.

Hardware iPhone 7 Google Pixel
Processor Build Apple A-10 Fusion processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
Storage 32GB to 256GB 32GB
External  NONE Expandable via SD card
GPU Apple Six Core Graphics Adreno 530


Let the readers be the judge, and there is no comparison when it comes to the iOS and Android because both of the OS are different in functions and it is difficult to tell the performance before the release.

Camera Specs

Camera Hardware iPhone 7 Google Pixel
Front Camera (Selfies) 7MP 8MP
Front Flash (For Selfies) No No
Rear Camera 12MP 12.3MP
Flash Yes Yes


The outcome of the camera cannot be compared because I consider that iPhone has the best camera even in low lights. Despite the fact that Pixel front facing camera is 8MP, but iPhone has an advantage in camera technology because their camera technology is unique. Apple sold their iPhone saying “We have the best camera technology”


There’s no point in reviewing because both of the smartphones has almost every sensors which were added to the leading flagship smartphones. The only sensor which is missing in the both devices is Temperature Sensor.

The iPhone 7 & Google Pixel has rest of the sensors except Temperature Sensor.

Connectivity & Network

 Connectivity iPhone 7 Google Pixel
Headset Jack Lightening cable 3.5mm
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
3G Yes Yes
Indian 4G Network (Band 40) Yes Yes
NFC No Yes


Connectivity is reasonable in both devices, as many of the users are now switching to 4G network after Airtel introduced 4G in India. After 4G hit the Indian market. Smartphones like Pixel & iPhone supports 4G, which opens up a new source of fast Internet experience.

Notable Features for Professionals

How Comfort the Device is iPhone 7 Google Pixel
Battery Capacity 2900 3450
Weight of the smartphones 188 Grams 168 Grams
Width & Length 158.20 x 77.90 x 7.30 154.70 x 75.70 x 8.50
Is the battery Removable? No No


Overall the specs are decent on the both devices but how the Google pixel will perform when it is compared side by side will decide which one is the actual winner.  We have to wait until then.

Price of iPhone 7 & Google Pixel

iPhone 7 Google Pixel
Rs.80,000 Rs.76,000
258GB 32GB


Wrap Up

Yeah, this is the proper comparison of the unreleased Google Pixel and launched smartphone Apple iPhone 7. There is no actual data on how the both smartphone would perform when compared it side by side. Obviously, the iPhone 7 is lacking in few areas which will be covered in the next iPhone release. I would still not be convinced that the Google can beat Apple in terms of camera technology.

There has been uproar and rumors that the Google Pixel is not attracting investors to invest in the shares because they are not sure if the Google Pixel is there yet, but if you look at the price point, $100/Rs.6000 price difference in the smartphones. You can get an iPhone 7 for Rs.80,000 for 256GB, while Google Pixel will cost you Rs.76,000 for 32GB.

The rumors say that Google Pixel is overpriced, but let us do quick benefits you get in iPhone and Google pixel.


  • More than three software updates from Google (Pixel will get software update before other smartphones).
  • Battery capacity is magnificent when compared to iPhone 7.
  • Price is close to iPhone but still less than an iPhone.
  • Screen resolution and pixels are better in Google Pixel.
  • Camera Pixels are better but not sure until release.
  • Audio jack is present 3.5mm.

iPhone 7:

  • Better camera experience than before.
  • Air buds options (Cost you over $150+).
  • Lightning Ear buds.
  • Fast and better than before.
  • Decent battery capacity.
  • More than two software updates from Apple.

So here are the few best points to look at, if you are planning to purchase any one of the smartphones. If you are a business person, who like freedom in every area then you should try Google or you are an iPhone fan then go for it or iPhone 7.

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