7 Upcoming innovations in Smartphone


7 Upcoming innovations in Smartphone

Smartphone has drastically evolved in last few years, so as our expectations.  Once, the primary purpose of a phone was to make and receive calls. But in last decade the focus has shifted towards making our phone smarter and better.

We want to make our Smartphone a one stop destination for our every need. Rightly so, Smartphones are the most popular gadgets of the 21st century.  More than 1 billion people are already using Smartphone and Smartphone industry is expected to grow at 7% per annum. Here are few innovations that we expect in future Smartphone.

  1. Better Batteries – This is by far the most important feature to expect in every Smartphone. No matter how many new innovations are included by manufacturer, but if battery doesn’t last long then those features are practically useless.

Future batteries are said to last more than a month on a single charge. They could be recharged in just 30 sec.  Though this seems more like a distant dream, but researchers have already developed a battery cell that can achieve such amazing results.  It would be interesting to see how soon this technology comes to everyday life.

  1. Modular phone – Moto Z has already been introduced in the market. It has some really good features but one feature that makes it stand out from the crowd is its modular feature. In future, we won’t need to buy a separate gadget for every need. Our Smartphone will also be our DSLR, Bluetooth speaker, Projector and everything you need with the help of modules. It will also open up a world of opportunities for developers.
  2. Wireless charging – Though wireless charging has already been introduced but it has been pretty unstable, slow and expensive so far. This is highly a possibility that if wireless technology is improved and made more affordable, we may never even need to carry our charger again.

Every public place will offer wireless charging. One may never need to look out for charging sockets, because you can simply put your Smartphone on table or a board and it will start charging. Yeah, that’s the beauty of wireless charging.

  1. Foldable Screen – This is one innovation we are expecting for a long time. From time to time there are glimpse of foldable screens by Smartphone companies. But so far, there is no Smartphone that offers foldable screen. If this technology becomes reality then not only it will be convenient, but will also reduce the chances of phone screen getting damaged.
  2. Virtual Reality – Imagine playing a game like temple run, where you are actually running in real life for trying to save your life in artificial world. How cool would that be? This is just a small glimpse of what we can achieve with virtual reality. Virtual reality can open the door for a whole new world. There are endless possibilities with virtual world. This is one feature that I am personally looking forward to becoming reality.
  3. Better Security – Your Smartphone probably knows more about you than your dearest friend. We store our most personal data in a Smartphone. Many security features were introduced in the past, but our Smartphone is still vulnerable to virus and hackers. An iris scanner with fingerprint sensor in every Smartphone might come handy.
  4. Artificial Intelligence – Every iron man fan must be aware of Jarvis, the most reliable partner of Tony Stark. We would love to have a Jarvis like digital assistant in our Smartphone as well, won’t we? With the kind of development that’s happening in Artificial Intelligence world, this might be a reality very soon. Every Smartphone holder may have a digital assistance like Jarvis.