Goldberg Returns After 12 Years


WWE 2k17 has released with Brock Lesnar on its cover page, and it has opened up many unseen & unpredicted opportunities for the Wrestlers. WWE 2k17 team added many former WWE superstars such as Asuka, Dean Ambrose, Diesel (Kevin Nash), Bill Goldberg and many superstars were added to the new version of the game.

During the time of promotion of the game, the fans turned up, and they were all expecting Bill Goldberg to return to the stage among the fans. There were hundreds of fans gathered, just to take a glance at the icon, who conquered WCW as the best champion of all the time.

The people played a vital role in alerting the WWE RAW authorities to take a closer look at the icon and the respect shown by the fans. The administration started negotiating the contract with the icon of sports entertainment. WWE management known for it’s brutal negotiating and their terms which are just unacceptable and also many have left or denied the talks with the former WWE superstars.

So the negotiations come to an end, so it happened,

WWE RAW: Bill Goldberg Returns after 12 Years Of Absence

Brock Lesnar advocate Mr.Paul Heyman has claimed that Goldberg is not worth nor equal to challenge the Icon Goldberg. According to news giant, everything is scripted, and Goldberg returns to the WWE, and it happened, WWE Raw has announced that the icon Bill Goldberg returns to the WWE with one goal in his mind and he made it clear when Goldberg returned to the home of wrestling.

Goldberg has answered Brock Lesnar might and made things official, at Survivor Series Brock will face the Goldberg at living up to the hype. While many are having second thoughts that the Bill doesn’t have what he was like in his prime but this Monday night Raw, Goldberg has speared the Paul Heyman and Rusev so that he can send a message to Brock that he is waiting.

Brock Lesnar Responds to Bill Goldberg Returns

We all are aware of the fact that Lesnar has zero talking skills, so that role is being taken care by Paul.

Many fans are not satisfied as the lack of story and neither Brock nor Goldberg has any beef. On the top of that, the match is decided a little sooner than anyone can imagine. The most disappointing part is that there is no title on the line.

Goldberg has mentioned that Lesnar is the last victim, which is evident that he is going to end up in the 2017 Hall Of Fame. That’s not what fans are expecting from the icon. I hope that the WWE has few other plans for the Goldberg and add something more than a novelty match to make things interesting.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that the Goldberg Returns is the best return of the year and should go down to the history book and also we would like to see him as the WWE Universal Champion for a particular period.