Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Earphone Review


Skullcandy has made an impact on the young generation with the coolest looking gadgets and the value of their products have made many follow their designs and style. Skullcandy has focused on the current and trending styles to make their headsets and earphones to live up to the customer’s expectations.

Skullcandy has launched many headphones, one of them is Ink’d Wireless In-Ear headphones for Rs.3,999, you cannot judge any product unless you use it for your personal reasons. I’m reviewing it after using it for over a month now.

Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Earphone Review

I have mentioned that Skullcandy is known for styles and quality, so let’s jump right into what you can expect from the wireless earphones.


  • The quality is good, but it feels more like plastic earphones.
  • The range of the wireless earphones is short, which is annoying.
  • It consumes a lot of time to set up on older smartphones like HTC Wildfire S.


  • Call quality is good.
  • Decent battery backup (Last up to 5+ hours on 100% volume).
  • Comfortable wearing it.
  • Earphones are flexible, and you won’t experience pain in the ear after using for a longer period.

Music Experience:

  • The bass is decent.
  • In-built mic so that you can answer calls.
  • Supports older devices & smartphones with similar sound quality.


Sound Quality and Mic Performance

I have mentioned that I have been using it for over a month now and I have many smartphones to try it out. I have tested the sound quality on many smartphones from iPhone 4S, 6, 6S Plus, Nokia Lumia 520, HTC WIidfire S and Samsung  Tab 4 8.0, the performance and the sound clarity and output has not affected by the different range of smartphones.

Coming to Mic, Yes the product has an inbuilt Mic, which allows you to answer calls within the range. You will notice a difference, and that is the distance between your mouth and the Mic, which sometimes can turn out be a frustrating to reach the Mic every time you answer the call.

Battery Life – How Long Does It last?

There is no point in arguing because the way Skullcandy claimed that the products battery life last more than 6+ hours under 70% volume on their official website and during the launch. After I have tested for a month, they were wrong about one specific thing, and it turned out to be you can listen to music seamlessly in one charge for 6 hours with 100% volume.

Coming to the charging factor, you will be provided with an adapter to charge the product and the time to charge from 0% to 100% is two hours or sometimes a little early.

Battery Life: Six hours – One charge.

Battery Charge: Two Hours – One charge.


The Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless Earphone is priced at Rs.3,999. Overall math would be, for an average person with average income i think the earphones lack a couple of things but if you are a Skullcandy loyal customer then you should get it because this is the best currently Indian Wireless Earphones market can offer.