Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Denial

Lady gaga plastic surgery

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Denial – Lady Gaga has denied the recent reports that she is considering having some cosmetic procedures to change her look. The story had stated that Lady Gaga had been depressed and was considering plastic surgery as a way to lift her mood. It was said that Lady Gaga would be looking into plastic surgery for multiple different areas of the body.

Lady gaga plastic surgery
A rep for Lady Gaga has “categorically denied” the previous reports that the singer was considering these procedures. The tabloids claimed that Lady Gaga was considering a nose job and breast implants.

Lady Gaga first came into the public view in 2008 when she released her first single and subsequent album, “The Fame.” Since then, Gaga has had a long list of different hits that has kept the rising star near the top of the Billboard charts throughout her short career. She is currently on her Monster’s Ball tour that will run from the beginning of July through the end of September. The tour is said to be more like a Broadway musical than a concert, featuring a plot, characters, and a storyline that will incorporate many of Gaga’s hit songs from her most recent album, The Fame Monster, as well as her original album, The Fame.
Her most recent single, “Telephone” featuring Beyonce, has been a huge success and reached number one on the Billboard charts shortly after its release.