Tropical Storm Nicole Kills In Jamaica


Tropical Storm Nicole Kills In Jamaica – The death toll from Tropical Storm Nicole in Jamaica has ridden after flash floods and mudslides ran amok throughout the nation. A total of seven people are missing after being swept away by flash flood waters. The latest victims include two men that died when a house in Kingston collapsed after heavy rain.

Nicole eventually broke apart in the Atlantic on Wednesday afternoon before it reached the Florida coast. It did still bring rain to the United States, but by the time it made land fall it was no longer the large storm that had hit Jamaica.

Emergency workers are still trying to locate at least seven missing people. All of them are believed to have been swept away by the fast moving flood water that had swept through various parts of the nation in the wake of the storm. Schools and universities will remain closed for a second day. Currently 30% of people in the nation are without power.

The Prime Minister of the nation, Bruce Golding, surveyed the damage via helicopter and said that the recovery process will be an expensive one. The nation has declared a state of emergency and will continue to look for individuals that have been swept away by the floods. The NUS National hurricane Center in Miami said that there was a fair chance that the storm could regain strength and develop into another tropical depression before it is all said and done.