Mary Turcotte Fake Rape Claims Has Racial Back Story


A nun from a Brooklyn Christian sect has confessed one of her own sins—lying to the police about being raped and left unconscious in the snow.

Following the nun’s allegations, a man hunt for a large black man was launched because of the accusations made by the woman who was 26 years old at the time.

Mary Turcotte was at the Apostles of Infinite Love convent at the time, which is located in East Flatbush. The nun now says that what she told the police about being raped was false and that it was in fact consensual.

She was simply looking for a way to explain it, as do many other women who report getting raped each year.

Turcotte confessed what she has done and as a result is going to get the help she needs. The convent which she belongs to is part of a religious order out of Canada which was originally founded back in the 1960’s be a Catholic priest who ended up ordaining himself as the Pope.

Her original claims were that a man ambushed her, coming out of the shadows and choking her until she could no longer breathe and passed out.