Ty Smalley Death Lead Father Kirk Smalley To Fight School BULLYING


Ty Smalley Death Lead Father Kirk Smalley To Fight School BULLYING – The worst thing for any parent to have to endure is the passing of their child. This loss becomes even harder for the parent to deal with when the death could have been avoided had everyone involved taken the right steps.

11 year old Tyler Smalley was one of those deaths that could have been avoided. He decided that he was going to commit suicide after he had attempted to stand up to his schoolyard bully.

His death was a tragic one, and there are typically two directions that a family takes after an event like this. They can dwell on the death and wonder about how they could have avoided it, or they could use his death as empowerment to fight against the things that took his life.

Now, Tyler Smalley’s father Kirk Smalley is fighting against schoolyard bullying in an attempt to preserve the memory of his son and save other parents from having to endure a similar situation.

He appeared on CNN’s “American Morning” earlier in the day to talk about the legacy of his son and how he was attempting to put an end to bullying. Smalley said that since the death of his son he had found a bigger purpose in life.

The suicide occurred in May after what had been a year long disagreement between Ty and his bully. He decided that he was going to stand up to him and push back. Because he pushed him back, he was suspended from school. It was while he was at home on suspension that Smalley decided that he was going to end his life. Now, his father just wants to use his death as a way to stop others from going down the same path.