Bill And Melinda Gates $60 Billion Donation


Bill And Melinda Gates $60 Billion Donation – Bill and Melinda Gates have an incredible amount of money, and that amount of money just keeps growing daily. The Microsoft creator has been extremely lucky in his life to have an idea that revolutionized the world in terms of technology and computers, and the company has been able to be at the top of their area for many, many years.

What to do with their fortune is a tough question. The couple have decided to share their immense with those less fortunate than them, and use the foundation that they founded to give to many who are much less fortunate. In India, the couple are giving much money to help pay for vaccines and medicines which are used to save lives, millions of lives, and will save more in the future.

They are also planning to take care of their children with their money, keeping some aside to help their children in the future. The relationship between the couple and their children is unusual, and the term ‘numeric’ is used a compliment in the household. The pair are eccentric, and also have a habit of turning up to interviews in matching outfits.