Bob Rivers FIRED


Bob Rivers FIRED – Bob Rivers has officially left his position at KZOK. He was a long time radio personality in Seattle Washington, but has now performed his final show. He was unable to reach a contract deal with CBS, the company that owns the station. River has worked with the station for more than ten years, and has been in the morning drive slot in Seattle radio for more than 20 years.

In a statement, Rivers said that it had been a pleasure to give people his morning opinion for the last 20 years, and insisted that he had done his best to reach a deal with the company, but ultimately the negotiations stalled.

Bob Rivers

He currently has a six month non-compete clause in his contract. This means that the earliest that Seattle will be able to hear him again is next April. It will be interesting to see where he lands. He is a very popular radio personality and has many followers in the region.

He will continue to do gigs with his band in the meantime while he waits for his non-compete clause to run out. The station did not immediately comment on the statement that was made by Rivers, who was unexpectedly open about the contract negotiation process that he had undergone.