Rick Sanchez Jon Stewart Bigot Comment Leads CNN To Fire Him


Rick Sanchez Jon Stewart Bigot Comment Leads CNN To Fire Him – CNN’s Rich Sanchez has never been the type to bite his tongue. During his Sirius radio show on Thursday he made a number of comments that have been quite controversial and have been discussed around the internet. He called Jon Stewart a “bigot” and also said that CNN and other networks are run completely by Jewish people.

When the subject of Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” was brought up, he said that he was not a fan of the show and that he considered Stewart to be a “bigot.” The conversation started with Sanchez attacking the Northeast establishment liberals, who he believes see him as a guy that is on the second tier of the nation.

He also said that he thinks that guys like Stewart and Stephen Colbert see him in a similar way as well.
It is interesting that he decided to attack Jon Stewart. Although he does express some very personal opinions on the show and can debate with the best of them, he opts for keeping his show more comedy heavy, and never getting too overly serious with any of his segments.

Sanchez did not go on to explain why he thought that Stewart was a “bigot.” When asked who he was bigoted against, he replied by saying that he believed it was ”anyone else who was not like him.”


Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN earlier this afternoon.