Dharun Ravi Parents Silence


Dharun Ravi Parents Silence – Why haven’t the parents of Dharun Ravi spoken about their son’s involvement with the death of Tyler Clementi?

It was Ravi after all who broadcast the video of Clementi engaging in sexual activity with another man online and invited his social networking friends to watch the video. His thoughtless actions hurt Clementi so bad that he decided that it was time for him to jump off of the George Washington Bridge in New York. He left a short Facebook message detailing his plans and then followed through.

Ravi acted with Molly Wei, another student that had gone to high school with him. Clementi had not come out of the closet yet and the online broadcast was essentially his coming out party that he didn’t know was happening.

It was not immediately clear if Clementi had come out of the closet to his parents, and they have declined to comment on the nature of what he had disclosed to them. His goodbye note that he left on Facebook was very short to the point. He simply said that he was going to “jump off the gw bridge,” and then ended his status update with a “sorry.”

The parents of the two parties who have been charged with invasion of privacy have yet to comment on the matter. This is probably because lawyers have advised them to stay quiet on the issue. You would think that they would at least want to make a statement to the Clementi family and offer their condolences.

Do you find Dharun Ravi parents silence troubling?