Fisher Price 2010 Toy Recalls


Fisher Price 2010 Toy Recalls – Fisher Price has announced a huge recall of more than 10 million items that they believe may be dangerous. The massive recall will include a number of different types of tikes and high chairs that have injured several children.The sheer number of items that they are recalling has caused problems for the company, which has seen their website go down throughout the day as many people attempt to access the website for more information regarding the recall.

This is the biggest toy recall of the year by far. The trikes are being recalled because they feature a fake, plastic ignition key that is sitting too close to the seat. A number of children have fallen on it, or have hit themselves on it when crashing the trike and at least six of those kids have required medical attention after injuring themselves while riding the trike.

The high chairs, which include the Easy Clean high chairs, were recalled because of a peg on the back of the chair that has caused at least six different kids to require stitches. Some children were hurt while attempting to climb out of the high chair, falling, and landing on the peg. Other children were hurt when they were playing around the chair, and happened to hit the peg.

It will be interesting to see how this recall affects Fisher Price. It is the largest recall since Mattel recalled more than 21 million toys in 2007 after discovering that there was lead in the paint used on the toys.