Andrew Shirvell Chris Armstrong Watch


Andrew Shirvell Chris Armstrong Watch – Officials in Michigan State have attacked a gay college student who has been promoting what they call, “radical homosexual agenda materials.’ A blog was started that is called the “Chris Armstrong Watch.”

On a number of posts on the blog there are photoshopped pictures of Armstrong with gay symbols like rainbow flags and swastikas. The blog also picks apart the student’s Facebook profile.

Chris Armstrong is the first open homosexual acting as a student assembly president at U of M. The man who started the blog, the Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has insisted that there is nothing personal behind his attacks, and that he simply disagrees with Armstrong.

He also gave a very awkward interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night.

In the interview he said that his main problem with Armstrong was that he was pushing for a gender neutral housing area at the University of Michigan. This would allow both men and women to live together in a certain housing district that has been set aside.

He has also called for Armstrong to step down from his position as the President of the study body at University of Michigan. Most analysts have sided against Shirvell for setting up a blog that attacked the student. There has to be a better way for him to express his opinion without doing so through photoshopped pictures of a college student.