Jimi Heselden DEAD


Jimi Heselden DEAD – Jim Heselden who owned the Segway company fell to his death after driving the vehicle off of a thirty foot cliff into a river on Sunday. It was not immediately clear what his cause of death was.

The device first came to the market in 2002, and many experts believed that it would take over short range travel, effectively leaving the car for long distance travel. This is because the device runs completely quiet, and does not give off emissions that we have to worry about. They cost around $5,000 depending on the model.

The company originally predicted that they would sell 40,000 per year, but 8 years later there are only 80,000 currently in use. The enterprise has seen their international sales rise in recent years and was thought to be on a good path toward growing the business.

The device is controlled by the rider, who leans in the direction that he would like to go. It is not currently clear how the owner was able to drive the device off of the cliff. The incident took place on his own property.

It will be interesting to see how this affects sales of the vehicle from here on out. Having the owner of the company die while riding the device will not instill confidence in the customers.